Body Language and Gestures Double Dice add on


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Body Language & Gestures Double Dice Add-On Deck provides a motivating way to work with clients who need assistance in developing their ability to interpret and react to common nonverbal messages and body movements. It is perfect for addressing these skills:

  • Explaining Gestures
  • Understanding Body Language
  • Interpreting Facial Expressions
  • Demonstrating Gestures/Body Language

This double dice deck is played just like the others. Photographs depict people across the age span using gestures and nonverbal communication. Follow up questions assist students in understanding appropriate use and interpretation.

This is an Add-On deck so it includes:

  • Fifty-four (54) total playing cards (cards are large 3" x 5").
  • Each card contains a photograph and four (4) questions to be answered.
  • Direction and game variation cards.
  • A storage tin.

The double dice is NOT included in the Add-On decks. It is included in the original Double Dice Decks, or it may be purchased separately.