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About Brainstorm Educational and Special Needs ResourcesWe are a family-owned business, operating from our home in Melbourne’s outer western suburbs.  My husband Brad and I, as well as our three children - Isabel (Izzy), Noah and Jett - are all involved. In fact, the front cover of our new catalogue features our three children as well as our niece and nephew. Almost 10 years ago, Brainstorm was started by Darryl and Lara Lasnitzki. Earlier this year they decided that it was time for them to focus their efforts on other interests, so they announced to their customers that they would be closing down.  Brad and I saw this as a wonderful opportunity, because we knew that Brainstorm was a quality brand that delivered excellent service.  We had no experience in running a small business prior to this, so our learning curve has been steep, but very enjoyable.

We took over Brainstorm on June 24 last year, and since that time we have been madly learning how to run a small business. There have been some mistakes along the way, but one thing has remained a constant and that is our desire to continue to provide quality products with quality service. Along the way we have spent a lot of time reviewing the product range and looking at different products to include in our new range and feature in the 2014 catalogue. We have also invested in a new website which we hope improves your experience of doing business with Brainstorm.

I am a paediatric speech pathologist and have recently started my own private practice (another small business to learn how to run!). My caseload has clients ranging from the Early Intervention population through to school-aged children with difficulties in speech, language, literacy, fluency and pragmatics/social language. This is the perfect place to ‘test’ the products before deciding to include them in the product range!

I also understand what it’s like to be a parent searching for resources – and advice about which resources – to help my child. Jett has a history of developmental delays and subsequent therapies, has gained various diagnoses and been able to rise to every challenge that comes his way. So whether you’re a professional looking for resources to use with your clients, or a parent trying to help your child, I’m happy to chat to you about your resource needs and provide advice where I can. If there’s something you’re after that we don’t sell, that is manufactured by one of our suppliers, we’ll order it in for you at the best price we can.  

We are really excited about re-launching Brainstorm with an updated product range, new catalogue and brand-new website………. and we look forward to assisting you with your educational and special needs resources.

Mel Fischer

My Scope

  • Early Intervention
  • Kindergarten
  • School-aged
  • Speech
  • Language
  • Literacy
  • Fluency
  • Pragmatics/social language